Tips For Buying Prescription Sunglasses Online

Buying prescription sunglasses online offers you a greater range of styles than your optometrist will have. However, you need to be careful when buying online as you will not see the sunglasses before you buy. There are a number of tips that you should consider to ensure that you always get the best prescription sunglasses online.

Have An Updated Eye Test

When you buy prescription sunglasses online you will be asked for your prescription information. It is important that you have an eye test before you buy your sunglasses. It is recommended that adults have their eyes tested every two years, but you should get an updated prescription before you buy. Your optometrist should be willing to give you a copy of the prescription that you can provide to the online store.

Measure Your Pupillary Distance

Not all online stores will ask for this measurement, but it is best that you have this on hand. This measurement should be on the prescription provided by your optometrist because it ensures that your prescription lenses are correctly centered. When you have your eye test you should ask the optometrist to note this measurement down for you.

Select Your Frames

When you select your frames online you need to know your frame size otherwise, you could get sunglasses that are too small for you. The parts of your frame you need to focus on are the frame width and the temple strap. You can take these measurements from your current sunglasses to ensure that the new ones fit perfectly.

Choosing The Lenses

When buying prescription sunglasses you will often be given a choice in lens materials. High index lenses are the lightest and thinnest of the materials and they are generally recommended for people who have higher prescriptions. Polycarbonate lenses are impact resistant and they are recommended for people who are going to be very active while wearing their sunglasses. Plastic lenses are the standard for lenses and they are recommended for people who have light prescriptions.

Always Double Check

When buying sunglasses online it is important that you always double check the information you have provided before you check out. This will ensure that you get the sunglasses that you are hoping for and that the prescription is correct. Some online stores also allow you to upload a copy of your prescription to ensure that they get the lenses correct.