How An Edmonton Physiotherapist Can Help You

Repetitive motion or trauma often cause Pain and limited physical movement. Over time, these can turn into an injury. Human beings look for the easiest and quickest means for relieving discomfort. If you are in pain and want to look beyond drugs, visiting a physiotherapist is a great option. There are certain conditions that can be treated by physiotherapy, but people tend to ignore this option and end up living in constant pain and even undergoing surgery.

Repetitive Motion Disorder

Sometimes, you may start feeling pain in muscles and joints. You may have also faced situations where you wake up with stiff muscles, aching knees and even swollen wrists. You may have ideally noticed that you are unable to do basic chores, and start experiencing wrist and back pains. Even when running, your muscles tend to ache more than before. These are signs of constant strain and can be treated by making an appointment with an Edmonton physio expert.


Pain caused by sudden impact as a result of an accident can be easily identified. Trauma can be experienced immediately or a few days after the accident. At times, the pain is unbearable and causes much discomfort. In such a case, it is advisable to visit a doctor so that the condition can be treated immediately.

If you get a medicine prescription from your doctor and you aren’t willing to take it, you can visit a physio. Medicine can provide temporally relief, but physio offers permanent relief.

So, how can an Edmonton Physio expert help you?

How a physiotherapist helps you?

The expert will first analyze your condition by taking a look at your reports. The entire procedure will mostly depend on the severity of your injury.

The rehab process might be a bit slow, but it is important to know that the results will be permanent. If the pain is neglected for an extensive period, it can only be treated by surgery. However, with timely physio, you can be able to avoid undergoing surgery.

Physio’s target specific areas which in turn strengthens the muscles and tendons of the injured areas. The expert will not only treat the wounded part but will ideally teach you how to avoid such injuries in the future. The physiotherapist might even ask you to move your arm, elbow or knee in the opposite motion. This is with the aim of countering discomfort. The bottom line is that physiotherapists can do an array of things to help you recover permanently.