Visit Edmonton’s Private Golf Clubs to Experience Golf at its Finest

Golf enthusiasts flock to Edmonton every year to challenge their games and enjoy the serene backdrops of the many courses there. If you are one of the privileged people that have the opportunity to join a member of one of the private courses for a match, you are in for quite a treat. Edmonton’s private courses offer some of the finest golf that the city has to offer, in among the most pristine settings in all of Canada. Here’s the low down on some of Edmonton golf courses.

In terms of its aesthetic appeal and course design, Mayfair is one of the top courses to play at in Edmonton. It was built 78 years ago by Stanley Thompson, widely recognized as one of the best course designers in the history of the game. Mayfair features tight, tree-lined fairways, a large number of which are challenging par 4’s. It was designed with the intention to test the skills of any golfer.

Another Stanley Thompson gem, the Edmonton Country Club, features smaller than average greens and plenty of charisma. It was originally built in 1896, guests will be taken back by its historical elegance and storied setting. If you are a golfing history buff, you’ll definitely not want to pass on an opportunity to play here.

The traditionally designed Windermere features a challenging uphill, 450 yard par 4 that even the best handicappers find difficult to make. The course, designed by C.E. Robinson, is widely regarded as one of the best tests of a golfer’s skills by the locals. If you have the chance to play at this course, be prepared to have your weaknesses tested.

The Glendale boasts an active membership that includes 100+ single digit handicappers, and is considered a “players choice” course. It received a makeover by Graham Cooke recently, giving this course a modern aesthetic appeal. What makes this course a challenge to play are the plentiful elevation changes throughout the course. You won’t experience anything like it anywhere else.

Rounding out the list is the Edmonton Petroleum Club, designed by Mark McCumber. Its layout offers a bit of everything, and its final three holes combine to make up one of the most exciting finishing stretches of any course in Edmonton.

What ever your purpose for visiting Edmonton, your trip is sure to be better after spending a day experiencing the exhilaration of playing any of these private courses. So don’t forget to pack your clubs so that later you won’t regret having missed the opportunity of a lifetime!